Digital Strategy Sydney Melbourne Growing, maintaining and controlling  your business' digital presence is crucial in today's world. Traditional marketing and public relations work brilliantly in the offline world, but promoting your business in the online world and ensuring it appears in the appropriate digital markets requires an entirely different skill set and head space. Though Watermelon Media started life in the print world, we've always had one leg in the digital world, since the Internet was still text based - and nobody had even heard of a web browser. We 'get' the digital world and like nothing better than helping others thrive in that space. But, more importantly, offline or online, people are people and the only way to engage people authentically is through great content - and that's what we do best. Watermelon Media can help your business: - Develop - and execute - an overall digital strategy. This will help you leverage digital tools (on both desktop and mobile) in boosting your brand's digital footprint - Ascertain how your brand and products are perceived online across multiple channels across the digital landscape - Craft a competitor analysis that provides insight into what your competitors are doing digitally compared with your own business' digital offerings - Boost its online marketing and SEO across all your online offerings

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